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My name is Tuomas Nironen. I design for web, take photos of life, and draw/paint/sketch for pleasure.

Drive to create for web. Appetite to analyze, discuss and solve tricky UX things. DNA to play with visuals. No fear of making the right errors (to get smarter). Focus on making activities worthwhile and fun for everyone around.

HTML5, CSS3, SASS + JS libraries (e.g. jQuery) + Git. UI layout design, rapid prototyping, user research + SEO. Sketch, Photoshop, InVision, Illustrator + photography. Finnish, English, Swedish, Italian + Russian.

10+ years of work experience on UI/UX design in media + software development industries. 5 years of commercial studies at the university (graduated and majored in Marketing). 41 years of age. Born in Mikkeli, qualified in Tampere, now living in Turku and working as a Product Designer in Vaadin.

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My web developer portfolio ranges from various HTML/CSS/SASS-prototypes to full scale websites delivered for small businesses and personal indie projects. Most of them are already outdated since I was involved, but here is a list of the most essential ones:

  • - A personal website promoting my photography services as a side business. Built with WordPress.
  • - Frontend HTML/CSS/SASS development, including the responsive layout wireframes and design.
  • - Designing the responsive page layouts and creating a static HTML demo for WordPress implementation (new version launched, my design available only in screenshots).
  • - Concept development, full UI visualization and authoring a static HTML demo for production usage (current version was changed to utilize jQuery Mobile framework and my earlier design is available only offline).
  • - Translating the page desing created by the photographer himself into valid HTML/CSS markup (website discontinued, my design available only offline).
  • - Creating a lightweight small business website introducing a simple product gallery (new version launched, my design available only offline).
  • - Creating a small business website using some simple PHP for contact form functionality (website discontinued, my design available only offline).
  • - SEO-friendly HTML/CSS page template development.
Tuomas Nironen in the wild


My web design portfolio consists mostly of non-public work (layouts, wireframes and interactive prototypes for various professional projects). I am happy to present them in person if you'd like to know more. Here are some live examples:

  • - Turning old website into responsive design templates.
  • - Responsive structure wireframing and layout design utilizing a pre-defined colour palette, fonts and logo.

As a visualist I create also other stuff besides pixel art. Take a look at my personal photography projects:

Doings of yours truly.


I keep noticing a flow of fresh ideas constantly sprouting inside my head. Looking back the recent years, I dare to say that I have been ahead of my time more than once. You may draw your own conclusions :)

  • 2002 I graduated from the university and wrote my thesis about Word of Mouth Marketing. It examined the relevance and motivations of product referrals via social networks. 2004 Facebook was opened, offering a powerful platform for information sharing between real people.
  • 2003 I designed a cartoonish appearance for an indie game Animal Anarchy. An annoyed, flying super-donkey called Arnold, armed with a salt dispenser, leads an airbourne revolution against infamous human dictators. 2009 Angry Birds pick a fight with the evil piggies. (The game is no longer available online.)
  • 2005 I launched an experimental personal photo blog called Picturae Meusum, introducing a narrow column layout to fit any screen sizes. 2010 Ethan Marcotte wrote an article about responsive web design, leading to a single-column mobile first paradigm in layout design. (Photo blog no longer available online.)
  • 2010 March I published a travel photo album in Facebook with photos cropped only in square format. On 2010 October Instagram was launched - with its famous 1:1 aspect ratio images. (Original album is available only for my Facebook friends, but photos are also included randomly in my Flickr photostream.)